Hamlyn Terrace Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Based in Hamlyn Terrace on the Central Coast, KyleTech provides a reliable mobile computer repair and upgrade service. Owning a computer means inevitably at some point or another, something will stop working. We can repair and upgrade both laptops and desktop PCs. These repairs may range from something as simple as a failed power supply to doing a complete upgrade of your internal components to bring a new lease on life to your device.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Upgrading your mechanical hard drive to a solid-state drive is quickly becoming a common upgrade that can give even an old computer new life. Mechanical hard drives work off a mechanism that spins at a certain number of revolutions per minute. You might compare this to an engine or perhaps a record. Each of these things can only spin at a maximum speed.

Solid-state drives on the other hand are not mechanical. They do not rely on moving parts or spinning disks. As a result, their operation is significantly faster. On the average computer, an improvement of up to 10x the speed of a standard mechanical drive can be achieved.

In addition to hard drive upgrades, we also offer repairs, upgrades and replacements for a number of different computer components.

Upgrade mechanical hard drive to solid state SSD drive.
Desktop and laptop computer repairs

Desktop Computer Repairs

We can upgrade a range of different components found inside your typical desktop computer including, but not limited to:

Laptop Computer Repairs

Note: Some laptops such as HP Spectre, Microsoft Surface and other slimline devices are non-user-serviceable and must be returned to the manufacturer or an authorised service centre for any repairs.