Remote I.T. Support

At KyleTech we understand that sometimes computer problems arise that require a quick solution. For this reason, we offer a remote I.T. support service to both home and business customers which enables us to log onto your computer with your permission and fix the problem without needing to attend your premises in person.

How does remote support work?

Instead of us coming out to your premises, we can provide you with a link that enables you to start a remote session via the internet. A unique code is provided for you to enter on our remote support page. After entering the code, click the Join button, agree to the terms and a small file will download to your computer. You simply click the downloaded file, accept any security prompts and within a matter of moments we will be able to see your desktop.

Which problems can be fixed remotely?

Most problems relating to software issues can be fixed remotely. This includes virus or spyware infections, non-functioning programs, email issues, printing problems and general computer issues.

Hardware problems such as power issues, display issues and inability to access the internet require an onsite visit. For computers with extreme virus infections, an onsite visit is generally required in order to perform a thorough clean of your computer and bring it back to working condition.

Is remote support safe?

Yes! Remote support is a very safe option and can only be utilised if you (as the end user) grant permission for our software to access your computer. Our one-time remote sessions ask for confirmation before joining the session and for permanent installations of our software, we have a contractual agreement with our clients. All access to client machines is protected by strong 256-bit encryption, complex passwords and multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access.

What remote support options are available?

One-time Session

We provide you with a link to start a one-time remote session for your computer. Once the problem has been rectified, the session is ended and our remote access is removed permanently.

Fixed Installation

This method of installation is often used for businesses who require more frequent IT support. Our remote support software is permanently installed on your machine and we can access your computer to quickly assist with any issues you may have. A small annual fee is associated with this installation to subsidise licencing costs. The cost is $11 inc. GST per computer which is capped at $66 inc GST for up to 20 computers.

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