KyleTech Remote Support Agreement

KyleTech provides a secure Remote Support solution for clients who are either located outside our regular coverage area or who opt to have work carried out remotely on their computer systems.

In order to make use of this Remote Support service, you must first read, acknowledge and accept the following agreement. You confirm that you have the legal authority to enter into this contractual agreement either as an individual entity or as an authorised representative of your company.

Terms of Agreement

Please be sure to review the information below which forms part of this remote support agreement:

  • The KyleTech Remote Support tool is a client-side software application which is installed locally on the computer system(s) requiring remote access.
  • This tool remains permanently installed, providing 24 hour remote access to your computer(s) via the internet over a secure 256-bit AES encrypted connection. KyleTech will never remotely access your computer without verbal or written consent (including email, SMS or other electronic messaging).
  • The KyleTech Remote Support software license is $11.00 inclusive of GST per computer, per year. The maximum charge is capped at $66.00 inclusive of GST for clients which require permanent access to up to 20 computers. Should the client require more than 20 licences, a customised quotation can be provided.
  • By installation of the KyleTech Remote Support tool, you authorise a member of the KyleTech support team to view your desktop and share control of your keyboard and mouse at your request. This may include access to or modification of settings related to any software, hardware or other network-connected equipment and peripherals.
  • All services rendered via our remote support service still incur the same hourly charges as an onsite visit minus the call-out fee (where applicable). In instances where the work to be carried out is minimal in nature and consumes little time, KyleTech, may at its discretion, elect to waive any charges applicable to the session. Alternatively for remote services carried out on a regular basis for the same client, KyleTech may record the time incurred for each session and add this to a customer’s account. At the end of the month, the customer will be billed for any charges accrued during that period..
  • The client accepts that use of the KyleTech Remote Support tool may make KyleTech privy to sensitive or confidential information stored on their computer system(s). We will never disclose your personal details to a third party except the necessary information required by providers of products or services you have purchased or to protect the rights, property or safety of KyleTech, its customers or third parties or if required by law. Our complete privacy policy can be found here, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
  • You hereby waive any and all claims against KyleTech or any of its contractors, agents, affiliates, directors and officers relating to or arising out of any damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that results, directly or indirectly, from KyleTech remotely connecting to your computer systems as requested by you pursuant to this Agreement, including, without limitation, loss of data and damage to your computer hardware, software and/or any related systems.
  • This Remote Access Support Agreement is made in conjunction with KyleTech’s standard Terms & Conditions of Service and does not supersede any other agreements you may have with KyleTech.
  • In the event that the client no longer requires use of the Remote support service and wishes to terminate this agreement, this may be done so provided it is communicated in writing with a minimum period of thirty days notice to the next billing cycle. Following receipt of this notice, all further billing will be terminated. As this service is paid on an annual basis, any monies already paid will not be refundable.
  • Should the client default on payment for use of the Remote Support service the following actions will be undertaken:
    • Invoice not paid within the accepted seven day payment period:
      The client will be issued with an electronic warning that the payment has not been made and a late fee may apply.If the invoice is finalised within 14 days, no further action will be taken.
    • Complete failure to pay for services rendered:
      In addition to the electronic warning and notification of intent to charge a late fee, the client will be issued with a notice advising termination of this agreement. This termination will be effective thirty days from the invoice date. No further remote work will be carried out and the remote support software will be removed from the client’s machine.

    If for any reason KyleTech is no longer able to provide the remote support service to its clients or deems it to be financially unviable, all users of the service will be issued with advance notice advising that the service will be discontinued with a minimum notice period of three months.

Sign-up Form

To sign up for KyleTech Remote Support, please fill out the following form to complete your acceptance of this agreement: