Data & Cloud Backup

Society today relies very heavily on technology. Any computing device we own whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, retains and stores data. This data can be video, pictures, music, documents, contacts, messages etc. The list is endless. The question is, if you lost all of that data today, would you be able to recover from it?

Protect your computer from data loss

Can you afford not to backup your files?

Many of us use our computing devices to store schoolwork, university assignments, important work documents and precious photos.

Mechanical failure of equipment, unauthorized access by scammers and virus infections on our devices are resulting in more and more people losing valuable data.

Without a reliable backup in place, so many have lost valuable information that cannot be recovered. For businesses especially, it has been reported that 60% of businesses who lose crucial data will inevitably have to close their doors.

The old saying is that prevention is better than cure and this is certainly true in the case of data backup. At KyleTech we like to ensure that our customers have backup measures in place so that whatever the reason for your data loss, we can help you recover it!

KyleTech offers multiple data backup plans for both home and business users depending on your specific requirements. These plans can be used to backup just one device or a number of devices depending on the scope of your backup needs. Our plans are easy to setup, require minimal ongoing maintenance and cater to all budgets.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today and see how we can help to protect your valuable data.

Data & Cloud Backup Solutions by KyleTech

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